Adding another two members to my growing pokemon gijinka family, Rider the Misdreavus and Quinn the Sylveon.  If you’ve seen my art request thread on Aywas, you’re probably familiar with my absol gijinka, Artemis (who was my very first gijinka character based on my favorite pokemon).  After I finished squeeing at the images of mega evolution absol from the upcoming X and Y games, I had to draw him in mega form.  :)

Now I need to draw Rider’s Mismagius form and Quinn’s Eevee forms eventually.  Even though Quinn will probably be met during my headcanon after he’s already evolved.  I should probably post up the official art of all of my other gijinkas here too….even if it is older.

Pssst….aywas people, still looking for art of my characters….*winkwink*


mega-poke sketches YEAAAAHH

i think i might actually finish this tonight hmm


MegaAbsol is one of my favorite Megaevolutions

I might do the MegaAmpharos later since it’s the other one.

I hope this turned out okay…


by 4km


by とわ


by 霧東